Company SILVER AIR Ltd. was established in 1995. Own airline activity was started by managing operations of Boeing B727-200 in region of South-East Asia (Vietnam). This activity unfortunately ended very soon and the management decided to acquire a new aircraft type – Let 410. Aircraft type L-410 has become the only type in our fleet and after modernization to L-410 UVP-E20 version operates with cargo throughout the Europe to fulfill wishes of our customers such as DHL, TNT or Czech Post. Passenger flights include mainly ad-hoc charters and recently also scheduled summer operations from the Elba island.


L 410 UVP-E20

is an unpressurized all-metal high-wing commuter turboprop aircraft able to operate in IFR (CAT I) and icing conditions.


  • capacity up to 19 passengers
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • durability and reliability in extreme conditions
  • reliable operation on short unpaved runways
  • proven safety rekord

The L 410 aircraft represents ideal technical and economic solutions for cargo and passengers transport over the short and medium distances.


MTOW 6600 kg
Max. cruise speed 386 km/h
Max. range 1400 km
Max. flight level FL 140
Max. payload 1600 kg
Max. cargo volume 17.9 m3
Max. number of passengers 19
Entry door dimensions (HxW) 1.46 m x 1.25 m
Rozměry nákladového prostoru 7 m x 1.85 m x 1.66 m